Discover How To Fail-Proof Your Online Business In 27 Days...


...even if you consistently doubt every decision, get confused by changing technology, and feel embarrassed with your progress.

Fail-Proof 27 is the same plan I use as a Certified Life Coach* to help my private clients address the feelings that are STOPPING you in your tracks and give you a step-by-step blueprint to virtually ensure success.

Would you like a promise that what you’re doing will pay off? 

One that simply confirms your success is inevitable?

What if it's ALL POSSIBLE...what would you do differently?

Ready to have a profitable online business?

One that you're proud of and provides abundance for your family? 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...


- Excited to finally start building an online business
- Bought your domain name "I can't believe my domain was available...It was meant to be!"
- Started recording videos for your new course
- The energy and passion is contagious!



- Comparison game starts hitting home "Who am I to do this?"
- Life interrupts with things like children getting sick or fights with your spouse
- Technology issues never seem to end!
- You're uncertain with any decision you make

- The thought of running a successful online business is the last thing on your mind
- You feel embarrassed that you have nothing to show for all those hours spent on your business
- You think "they were right, this was just a pipe dream" and begin to avoid your business

I pursued online business and found that I was paying others to tell me what to do instead of cultivating leadership energy and decoding what it would take to run a business where I could show up in full authenticity, confidence and productivity. 

I was leaving my success to others because... 

What I really wanted was certainty--the knowledge that if I put in the effort, everything would work out well.

And ideally, I wanted someone to tell me what would work so I didn’t “waste my time” flailing through a process of self discovery in the world of online business.

All of this resonates with me because after leaving a 20 year career in education...

What I really wanted to know was that my business was Fail-Proof.

You’ve looked to external resources to deliver a plan for your business. But the money spent in other programs that promised to deliver a step by step plan failed to teach you what you could cultivate INSIDE of yourself.

You've tried looking to others already...

Paying people to tell you WHAT to do has led to confusion and stalling because other experts can’t know your business like you do. You have to find a solution that puts you in the driver’s seat.

You keep thinking that you’re supposed to feel more confident, certain and motivated. And if you don’t, you think something is wrong. But what if there’s something more compelling than that?

What I will teach you in this workshop is so different from the other business “success” programs that exist, it will change your life--not just your business.

There is another way...

How feelings impact your results and why negative feelings in your business are NOT a problem.

I’ll show you:

Why you don’t need to avoid the things you’ve been hiding from so that you can take massive action in your business and ensure its success.

You’ll start to put the first chip in your self imposed glass ceiling and when you see how that works you’ll be primed to shatter that ceiling going forward.

I figured out the key to fail-proofing myself and my business and I want to share it with every online entrepreneur who faces the same doubt and uncertainty that I had.


Anyone can build an online business, but not everyone will.


A step-by-step blueprint that creates resilience and sustainability in yourself and your online business by making it Fail-Proof.

Each week I coach private clients as a Certified Life Coach and share the same principles with you during this 27 day entrepreneur workshop.

I'm ready to build my online business!



Identify the gap between where you are now and what results you want to create in your business

Create strategies for overcoming every obstacle that stands in your way.

Plan the next steps to reach your desired business goals.

Pinpoint the actions needed to create your desired future results.

Face the negative feelings that come up when you attempt to move forward in unfamiliar territory.

Learn the steps to generate the actions you need to take intentionally.

Understand WHY you haven’t taken the necessary actions yet. (or continued with a consistent plan)

Process emotion in a way that frees you up to take action toward your goals

Stop blaming things that are out of your control and own all of your outcomes.


In lesson one we find out what you want to create in your business and why you don't yet have those results. This is a critical step in your journey to Fail-Proof your business and life.

You will document what actions you're currently taking and the results those actions are creating. This will provide a baseline for you to measure future progress. You must NOT skip this step!

Uncover What You Want and Why You Haven't Created It Yet

Lesson 1: The Writing on The Wall

Video Training

Printable Worksheet


You need to be willing to feel emotions and know how to process them even if they don't feel good.

Stop avoiding the hard stuff so you can embrace your full experience. Find fulfillment in your work even when things get tough.

Discover the benefits of experiencing positive and negative feelings

Lesson 2: Negative and Positive Feelings

Video Training

Printable Worksheet


If a feeling is just energy moving through your body, the glass ceiling is no longer a problem. Meet roadblocks in your business with new solutions.

Commit to your business goals and stop quitting on yourself. Trust yourself to follow through on your business plan instead of jumping from one thing to the next.

Learn how to accept feelings as just energy

Lesson 3: Safety and Self-Trust

Video Training

Printable Worksheet


"Having a fail-proof business doesn't mean there is an absence of failure. It means, despite failure you are able to keep on going"

Emotions That Work For Online Entrepreners

Shatter that glass ceiling with these 3 bonuses today...

Learn about some surprisingly effective emotions for getting the job done and moving forward in business! Includes money making emotions and the instruction for how to create these feelings on demand so you can take profitable action in your business.

The Model: How to Generate a Feeling on Purpose

THIS is the skill set you'll want to develop when you are ready to create a shift in your emotions toward feelings that put you into massive action.  

How to Allow and Observe a Feeling

If you aren't going to avoid a negative feeling, how would you allow it to be there? I explain the process you can use to notice a feeling and allowing yourself to be present with it without resisting or avoiding it.  



One Payment. No Recurring Charges. Lifetime Access.

You are ready to take full responsibility for the success of your business.

The Fail-Proof 27 Workshop is right for you if...

You find yourself wondering if online business is for you because it’s uncomfortable.

You have ever disengaged from the process of building your business because of overwhelm, confusion, doubt or fear.

You want to know if success is REALLY possible for you. (It is.)

You want to ensure your success as an online entrepreneur.

Get 27 days of opt-in text messages to keep you accountable and on pace. Each morning I'll personally send you one text message that's intended to inspire, motivate and give you direction for the day. You can re-start your 27 days of texts whenever you're feeling stuck or need to move beyond perfectionism in your business.

Stay motivated with daily text messages...

Q: How long is this workshop?

A: The workshop is designed to be completed in 27 days. Each day you will receive short prompts that help you stay on track. The workshop materials are accessible 24/7 for you to go through anywhere at any time with lifetime access! 


Q: What if I don't like the instruction?

A: There is a 14 day money back guarantee. You can’t lose! And you’ll get to keep the electronic files--my gift to you. Enjoy!

Q: Who teaches the workshop?

A: The entire workshop is taught by Krista Kehoe--a certified life coach for online entrepreneurs.

Q: How do I access the workshop?

A: You will gain access to a portal when you enroll. Once you create a username and password, you will be able to login at any time from anywhere to view the modules in the workshop! Remember --- It’s available for LIFETIME access! 

No questions asked 100% money back guarantee within 14 days. Simply email me with your honest feedback and a request for a refund if you don’t find the workshop insightful, helpful or valuable. I want you to be totally satisfied.

If You're Not 100% Satisfied...
Neither Am I

Hi, I'm Krista Kehoe

I help online entrepreneurs shatter self-imposed glass ceilings so you can make more money.

When I’m not coaching, I am a practicing equine enthusiast, lake lover, yoga girl, wife and mom,  

I enjoy all of the freedom that online business offers and I want you to be able to do the same.

Are you ready? Let’s Fail-Proof your online business together.

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Where will you be next year at this time?  
Will you have the results of a Fail-Proof Online Business or will you still be waiting, wondering and doubting? 

Don't wait! End your confusion and make your business a success.


YES, I'm ready!

One Payment. No Recurring Charges. Lifetime Access.