If the answers were all outside of you…you could have just followed someone else’s plan. That is not what we are planning to do with our time today, which is why I’m breaking the most common coaching misconceptions. But…believing that someone else knows you and your life better than you do is how you will […]

Business Coaching

February 7, 2021

Most Common Coaching Misconceptions

Life coach talking with female client

Life is too short to spend it as a high functioning adult who is STILL chronically suffering so learn how to stop self doubt.  Not reaching your full potential isn’t a result of outside circumstances or luck.  It’s a result of self doubt.  And self doubt is often what lies under the surface and stops […]

Business Coaching

February 6, 2021

How To Stop Self Doubt in Entrepreneurship

Learn to stop self doubt in entrepreneurship

Know what to ask a life coach before hiring them. So many online entrepreneurs are considering working with a life coach right now. Let’s dive in and I’ll answer the questions from the point of view of a certified life coach. How can a life coach help me make more money? If you’re in business, […]

Business Coaching

February 1, 2021

5 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask A Life Coach

Two women setting in front of computer asking how a life coach can help in business.




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