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An equestrian for over 4 decades, lake lover, yoga girl, wife and mom--I know what it’s like to have a life that requires focus, balance and the ability to make decisions with ease.

I’ve also known the pain and struggle that come from strained relationships, trauma, people pleasing, distrust and burnout.  

As a human I finally get that love-ability is something we develop for ourselves--not something that others get to decide we deserve -- or not.  

I’m a high achiever. I love goal setting, engaging in a developmental process and experiencing growth. 

But even with the confidence I created naturally in my life, I chose all of the safe options and created a secure life that left me feeling everything except FREE.  

So when I started creating big changes in my life by leaving a 20 year career in education, and pursuing what lit me up, I realized that the way I’d been taught to achieve success was just ONE option. It worked, but had not been sustainable for the long term. I had forced a fit and resisted myself for so long that I had lost touch with who I really wanted to be.

I found a system for creating clarity, commitment and follow through in my life in a way that I had never been taught before.  

Learning to connect with myself in a way that included understanding my human brain was a game changer. 

I finally understood why I had quit on myself so many times before despite a strong drive for success. And once I figured out how the skillset of Life Coaching applied to EVERYTHING in life, I developed an unstoppable desire to help my clients light their own fires within so they could experience the same non linear growth I learned to create.

I’m a Certified Life Coach offering customized 1:1 coaching for my private clients and I offer 2 other ways to work with me that are more affordable to those who aren’t quite ready to make the investment of time and money that my 1:1 coaching calls for.

If you’re ready to call it quits on quitting--on you, then you’ve come to the right coach.

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I help online entrepreneurs make more shattering self-imposed glass ceilings


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